Elaine Shemilt
Winterline Sketches 16
Collaged mixed media on paper
© Cultural Documents 2015

images of the exhibition:
'Lost in Translation’ 12 to 18 June 2016
An installation of drawings, paintings, sculptures, performance and video by Danny Holcroft
at The Project Room, Trongate 103, Glasgow
© Cultural Documents

Agapito Di Pilla
Freemantle, Australia: work in progress for his film 'Children of Molise'
© Cultural Documents

Cultural Documents invites you to explore transformation in contemporary society…

This website contains texts, artworks, films and audio recordings which tell stories of how the craft, custom, labour, language and locations of our lives constantly change over time.

By gathering information about the past, Cultural Documents provides an archive of knowledge and material from which contributors are commissioned to develop new artworks and texts.

Collaborating with a wide range of agencies, these new works are presented in exhibitions, events and publications to invite exchanges of ideas about what these facts and fictions mean to each of us, how social transformation occurs and how meaning is attributed.

It takes a long time to do this research and to develop and produce new projects, so please keep coming back here, or follow us on Facebook for announcements of events, and please keep in touch, helping us to add to this archive.

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