(Alexander & Susan) Maris

Alexander and Susan Maris employ a variety of media to explore concepts of landscape in cultural history and myth. The Marises exhibit internationally, and their work has been acquired in public and private collections in Europe and North America.

The artists are currently following individual, yet parallel, courses of research on the mountain Schiehallion; in 2011 they relocated to rural Perthshire to be closer to Rannoch Moor, whose primeval topography has inspired and informed their collaborative life-work for the past twenty years. Their methods include the visiting, photographing, revisiting and re-photographing of locations significant to the cultural and mythological narratives that their works activate; they are protagonists of the enduring nature of the memory, story-telling and iconography of Scotland’s cultural identity: their work takes time.

“We used to refer to Rannoch Moor as our studio, but in truth, The Moor, has always been our solaris: it is a primeval life form of infinite complexity, an organism capable of conjuring ghosts from the pasts and daemons from the future.”

On Tuesday 1 May this year, Alexander and Susan Maris will set out on their journey called ‘The Well, at the World’s End’.

This work continues their research into the cultural memory embedded in Scotland’s terrain; the route has been indicated by narratives which thread through the Marises practice, including journals of Findo Gask (pen name of Alexander’s father) written between 1982 and 1987, Scottish mythology, story-telling, and insights into Scotland’s terrain learned through return visits to specific locations for over 20 years.

For details of the performative research action from 01 – 18 May please click here.

Full details of the The Well at the World’s End please click here.

Waterfall (1997 – 1998)
Gelatine Silver Prints
© Alexander and Susan Maris

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