Lauren Wells

Lauren Wells (b. 1981, USA). In 2014, she achieved her MFA from Glasgow School of Art. Her work has been published in Gnommero, 2015 and Nicola Midnight, The St. Claire, 2014. Wells’ live readings and film voice-overs have been performed at the Centre for Contemporary Art, Jim Lambie’s Poetry Club, The Mackintosh Gallery, and Old Hairdresser’s (all Glasgow 2013-14). Her ‘Tastings’ have been experienced in Govan, Glasgow and at the Tender Bar on the 5th Floor, the Whisky Bond. Wells recently underwent an artist research residency in Filignano, Italy where she held a series of live events and made new written and video work.

Latest Events

exploring Lorne through art processes: The Well at the World’s End:

Join us at ancient Kilmartin, deep in the southern extremes of Lorne, when Alexander Maris will present some of the observations … more

Recent Stories

Sur le Herbe (homage a Dominico and Vincenzo Mancini), 2011

Sur le Herbe (homage a Dominico and Vincenzo Mancini), 2011

Postcard and seed package made for the Garden Marathon, Serpentine Gallery London 2011; seeds from the towns of Picinisco and … more

Third Culture Kid

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