Passeggiata Autunnale

Passeggiata Autunnale

Passeggiata Autunnale hosted by Lauren Wells 17.10.2015

Exploring the use of indigenous and cultivated foods as representations of cultural backgrounds and concepts of identity and home, artist Lauren Wells hosts sumptuous dinners, organises food forages and invites guests to show off their produce as ways for them all to share stories of their past experiences and the symbols and acts that they choose to represent themselves. Whether searching for ignored harvests in long-forgotten plantations on once-cultivated land, or exchanging tips on crop-rotation in tenderly cared-for back gardens, Wells creates opportunities for herself and others to reflect on ideas of home, displacement, migration, diaspora, loss, representation, nostalgia and membership.

find out more about Lauren Wells’s Passeggiata Autunnale by clicking the link.

  • Date from: 17 October 2015
  • Date to: 17 October 2015
  • Molise, Filignano, Pantanto e Selvone.

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